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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Business of Marketing - 2010 Trends to Business Growth and Higher ROI

I won't get all technical with all of this, but just some things to keep in mind and what can help you grow your business and reach more customers.

As always, if you have any questions that pertain to PR (public relations), SEO or other marketing tools feel free to contact me through my site at, or simply send me a DM through one of my profiles such as Twitter ( @mamapr ) and Facebook at and I'd be more than happy to go over some options for you that will not only be within budget but also very effective.

It's been a long week, but I felt like jotting a few things down before Christmas arrives.

With the new year just around the corner, your attention as a business owner should be on marketing strategies in 2010.

The game of online marketing, whether small business marketing, kitchen table entrepreneur or a large corporation, has changed quite a bit and no one method will no longer do the job.

If you're not familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), public relations and social media - You'll need to start educating yourself on each, and learn them well, for each of these marketing methods holds a valuable benefit when utilized properly - and with the right leverage can take your business from making small profits to large profits.

SEO is the art of improving your search engine rankings, and is also applied to your actual website so big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can find your site easier and properly index it for future references when your site is optimized.

Optimizing your website with enough keywords and phrases will help improve where you are on search engines, but that's not all.

Links to your site also play an important role when it comes to search engine rankings. The more sites that link up to your website, the better!

With the popularity of Social Media it's no wonder more and more large corporations are using this medium to reach new customers as well as communicate with current ones.

Everything from new products, sales and company info is funneled through social media channels from #Twitter to #Facebook and many others.

The instant contact helps companies to stay in touch with it's communities and allows for a more personal approach to marketing.

The benefits of social media out-weigh traditional advertising, and is virtually free if cost. Something many business owners are just now discovering.

Looking for free publicity to help get your business out there to the masses, be seen as an industry expert and help add some credibility to your business? Start using PR!

PR Campaigns are not only more affordable than advertising, but also more effective in building your brand.

With a press release and some solid media distribution, your business can be introduced to thousands of journalists and used in featured stories without costing you a dime.

While advertising needs constant funding, your PR Campaign continues to give back and circulate through the very channels that cam help you get that wonderful free publicity.

Journalists are always searching for story ideas, and by having your press release on circulation you give yourself, and your business, the opportunity to be featured in a magazine, newspaper, television and radio.

So before you invest in any advertising for 2010, try using these methods to grow your company and start building your business.

By @mamapr

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