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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Entrepreneurs turning their soap making hobbies into a lucrative business

Do you love to make handmade soaps, or have you always wanted to learn? If you do, then chances are you'll love the art of soap making, its widely popular, lucrative and desired by so many. Soap making has created a new generation of artisans and has changed significantly in the last decade. It can be an exciting and enjoyable hobby that can easily turn into a satisfying business, especially if you're interested in creating your own line of unique soaps with added aromatherapy benefits.

Soapies Supplies, a great resource for soap makers, was founded by Bronson Shafer and Kelley Perea-Shafer, a successful husband and wife team. Established nearly nine years ago when Kelley, an avid soaper, was looking for quality products for her own line of toiletries and soaps when she quickly realized this was a niche that needed to be filled and so, Soapies Supplies was born.

From colorful beginnings the day they launched on March 2nd 2001, has since expanded their assortment of soap making products offering high quality materials at a value that is ideal to its buyers. Soapies Supplies is quickly becoming one of today's most successful brands in the U.S. inspiring its customers, new and returning, with an array of choices to turn simple ingredients into little pieces of art.

"We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your soap making needs. " says Soapies Supplies co-founder Kelley Perea-Shafer.

Soapies Supplies commitment to stocking quality soap making supplies, and providing an excellent customer experience and guidance, has helped fuel Soapies Supplies growth from its modest beginnings.

Soapies Supplies categories include:

large selection of containers
base and specialty oils
flavored oils and fragrance oils
creamy butters
raw materials such as almond meal
citric acid and sea salts
soap molds
colorful line of jojoba spheres
silicone lined wood soap molds
soap cutter system

New products recently added to their line include: Colorants ~ Princess Line, Labstastik Formulas, and Princess Soap by the Loaf.

Soapies Supplies is simply ideal for anyone who wants to maintain a steady relationship with a soap supplier over the long term.

For more information about Soapies Supplies, please visit

Upcoming Events:
Special guest Debbie of (from San Diego) will be teaching an all-day Melt & Pour Soap Making Boot Camp on Jan. 16th. Plans of introducing a new assortment of classes is in the works from Soapies Supplies over the coming weeks ahead. Learn more at

About Soapies Supplies:
A leading provider of base and specialty oils; essential and fragrance oils; creamy butters; raw materials such as almond meal, citric acid and sea salts; soap molds; equipment and tools; (e)books and (e)classes; numerous and varied containers as well as an amazing line of colorful jojoba spheres.

Soapies Supplies was established March 2, 2001.

For more information, or to request an interview please contact:
Kelley Perea-Shafer, Co-founder, Soapies Supplies |
480.443.4011 | Scottsdale, Arizona |

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Blog: www.SoapiesSupplies.blogspot

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