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Friday, August 13, 2010

What can you do when BAD reviews find their way to your business listings?

Bad reviews are inevitable these days, but what can a business owner do to try and build a GREAT reputation?

It starts with NOT being silent and handling your situation in a well mannered and professional way. If you're like many businesses out there you've had your run with negative reviews, and while your first initial reaction would be to contact the poster and say a few choice words. You're only asking for trouble and quite possibly opening pandora's box.

I have three pieces of advice for those who have received a negative review from a customer or unhappy client.

1. Take a moment to really read what they are saying. If they are "complaining" about delivery that wasn't as fast as they liked - offer a free gift or a credit if their order did not arrive on time. Look at this as an opportunity to review your own operating procedures to look for areas of improvement in the order taking and shipping process where you can improve on.

2. NEVER contact the poster who has left negative feedback about your business or product only to unleash your anger onto them. Its their right to do so, and even though there is a percentage of false negative reviews out there its best to not fall into the trap and contact these individuals personally. Look to correct this if you can.

3. Rather than focus your energy on the Who and Why, direct your energy on improving your overall Reputation by creating a positive PR campaign. It helps to add some good PR in these situations and is more affordable these days.

If you are facing such challenges, or looking to increase your overall visibility as well as generate some positive word of mouth please feel free to contact me personally through my company website. We are, Public Relations Depot, and our job is increasing your visibility and sales, adding credibility and building POSITIVE word of mouth for your business. Visit us today at and lets start building good buzz about you, your business or products.

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