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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PR Reel: Chicago Entrepreneur Set's Her Eye on Bigger and More Sustainable Goals

( Chicago, IL, November, 13, 2010 – With emerging standards in mind as well as combining cool styles, and the company's deep concern for the planet , Bangledox Clothing came out into the scene with a clear focus - To help lead the way for organic fashion lines.

Introducing Bangledox [ban'gel-dox] Clothing®, a new Latino owned green clothing company helping set the standard while incorporating environmentally safe materials such as organic cottons and earth friendly inks and dyes in their clothing line.

Organic clothing and green eco friendly fashion have entered mainstream consumer consciousness with a slew of media attention, and for good reason. Its great for the environment and it helps draw attention to a very important topic.

After a humble start at local flea markets the company launched its first online presence at over five years ago, and has plans to roll out new designs for a new Summer launch for 2011.

The company was determined to roll out a new t-shirt line that they could be proud of and know that they were not harming the planet, as well as help draw attention to a very important topic.

They feel they are achieving this.

The new site will also have helpful tips on saving energy as well as other useful environmental information that its visitors can use to help do their part for the planet.

"We are very excited and can tell you this will be a combination of innovation and education ... not just a retail store." says Martha, owner of Bangledox Organic Clothing.

Bangledox is grounded in the concept that the clothing industry and environment can co-exist, all of their clothing is sweat-shop free and produced in U.S.

The Bangledox Organic Clothing company is represented by Public Relations Depot ( and has been featured in Latina Style Magazine, Keetsa, Enterprise Magazine, Image Magazine as well as other honorable mentions. Bangledox has an upcoming feature in December 2010 on the well respected AARP Espanol website to be focused on green owned businesses.

Bangledox Organic Clothing. We’re more than just a Brand. We’re a movement. ®

Contact: Martha M., CEO, Bangledox |


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